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Cab Module

Cab Module: The cab module may be either a passenger or freight type. The cab module is made up of a number of assemblies: enclosure; platform, car frame; car door or gate. The cab enclosure is the part of the elevator that people or freight ride in. A freight cab is typically constructed from a series of formed sheet steel wall panels.
A passenger cab has many options for the finished interior enclosure materials: such as stainless steel, bronze, cold rolled steel and plastic laminate. (see file 1004-13)
Both the freight and passenger cab sizes are designed to size standards provided by the A17.1 Safety Code for Elevators & Escalators. For passenger elevators a maximum inside net platform area is provided in relationship to capacity. For instance, a 2,500# capacity would be a maximum of 29.1 square feet. For freight elevators the size is governed by the type of freight to be hauled and a design formula.

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