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Controller/Selector Module

Controller/Selector Module: The controller, using microprocessor technology, receives and sends out signals that direct all the activities associated with the elevator. These include the following: the opening and closing of doors, when to speed up or slow down, the rate of acceleration and deceleration and where to stop. There are several different designs of selectors. The most common selector assembly consists of a metal tape running approximately the length of the hoistway. The selector box runs up and down on this metal tape and is mounted on top of the car. As the car moves up and down, the selector box sends signals back to the controller identifying the car location in the hoistway. For instance, car location is especially important as the elevator levels to the floor. ThyssenKrupp Elevator has developed and manufactures a traction elevator control system called TAC50-04. The TAC50-04 is a digital control system that improves performance in all traction elevator systems, from the very basic to the most complex. The TAC50-04 controller provides fast, accurate diagnostics and refined adjustments, meeting the specific demands and unique traffic patterns of any building.

To provide efficient controller signal/data input, the TKE TAC50-04 controller has incorporated the latest CANBUS (Control Area Network Bus) technology. CANBUS provides a tenfold increase in signal communications speed over a conventional system. Faster signal communications accelerates computer analysis of elevator systems to better serve passenger traffic. Another advantage of CANBUS is fewer wires, thus reduced material requirements and associated installation labor.

ThyssenKrupp Elevator also uses CANBUS technology in its Destination Dispatch control system. Destination Dispatch increases handling capacity by 15% to 30% and reduces passenger waiting time. Also, CANBUS technology ensures reliable connection of all components. This two wire technology simplifies connections while it improves performance and reliability.

The TAC50-04 AC drive system, called Quantum Quiet Drive, provides quiet and accurate performance yielding excellent ride characteristics such as smooth acceleration, deceleration and accurate floor leveling.

The TAC50-04 provides an efficient high power factor which reduces energy consumption and machine room heat.

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