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The ThyssenKrupp Elevator “single-post” holeless jack is a unique design.The AMEE C series has special front-mounted cylinders that extend through the front wall of the cab, which necessitates slightly more hoistway depth. The jack can be single stage (single plunger) or telescopic, i.e. multiple stages. A telescopic two stage jack has a pair of two-stage plungers. This application accommodates only front opening entrance configurations. One jack is used; it runs through the front wall of the cab. This design takes advantage of using a conventional jack in a unique way. Instead of the jack being installed in the ground it is installed above ground in the hoistway. Running the jack through the front wall allows a cross head pick up so the hoistway space is more efficiently used. alternative is also available: the multi-stage telescopic jack.
When a single stage jack will not work for a hydraulic equipment type, a telescopic jack may be a viable solution. This is a jack in which multiple pistons telescope together. For instance, a two-stage jack, when fully compressed together, is approximately one-half the length of a single stage jack, even though it serves the same travel.

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