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Emergency Power Operation - Full Automatic Operation Group (10-D4A)

Full automatic operation (Group) – (Traction or Hydraulic applications: 10-D4A) Upon loss of normal power, building-supplied standby power is available to the elevator on the same wires as the normal power.Once the loss of normal power has been detected and standby power is available, one elevator at a time from each group will be lowered to a pre-designated landing and will open the doors. After passengers have exited the elevator, the doors are closed and the car shuts down. The next available car in the group will then be selected to lower, allow passengers to exit, close the doors and shutdown. This process is repeated until all cars in the group have been lowered and parked. At this time, an elevator is automatically allowed to continue service using the building-supplied standby power. A manual selection switch is available to override the automatic selection and allow and car in the group to provide service to the building. When normal power is restored, the elevators automatically resume operation.

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