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thyssenkrupp Elevator’s new TAC32T controller for traction elevators offers increased reliability, safety and efficiency. Even in the highest buildings with the fastest elevators, the absolute positioning system (APS) tracks car speed and position with the precision and reliability of a Swiss watch. The system consists of the APS sensor, code tape and mounting clips. The higher the SIL level, the lower the probability of failure on demand for the safety system and the better the system performance. It is important to also note that as the SIL level increases, typically the cost and complexity of the system also increase.

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All thyssenkrupp endura elevators come with standard petroleum-based biodegradable fluid.

We also offer enviromax®, the industry’s first high-performing, vegetable-based option. enviromax® is formulated from canola oil, which is rapidly renewable, readily biodegradable, and has minimal effects on the environment. When tested at an independent laboratory for aquatic toxicity, the results were well above government standards. It is the only USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) certified biobased product.

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Regenerative Drive

Regenerative energy is produced by an elevator motor operating in what is known as overhaul condition, when the motor acts as a generator. Energy is produced on elevator descent when the car is heavier than the counterweight; and it is produced on elevator ascent when the counterweight is heavier than the car. Traditionally, this generated energy was dissipated through resistors as heat into the machine room. With the use of Regenerative Drives, the energy can be fed back into the building or power grid as clean, safe energy.

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As a manufacturer, we understand the materials we use in our products and the production of those products have a lasting impact. thyssenkrupp Elevator offers a complete line of cabs that are free from wood products containing added urea-formaldehyde, use powder coating as opposed to solvent-based paint and are validated by a third party (UL Underwriters Laboratories) to be low emitting. We are the only elevator company that does so.

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Lighting is something we can’t do without. So making choices that reduce energy use and avoid toxic substances can make a big impact. Low-voltage LED lighting dramatically reduces energy consumption (up to 80%) without compromising style or visibility. Plus, LED lights contain no mercury and have a life of up to 10 years.

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