Taking excellence to a new level.

When you choose an elevator company, you want to feel confident with the decision you make. You want people you can trust, service you can count on and products that last. When you choose ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas, you can be confident because confidence is engineered into everything we do, from the planning and installation process to routine elevator maintenance.

Endura MRL


Maximize building space and design freedom with the endura MRL,
the industry's first truly machine room-less elevator.
A perfect choice for low-rise buildings up to four stories tall.



Defines strength and reliability, and designed with the most
advanced technology to keep up with the traffic demands in
buildings up to 79 ft. tall.



Innovative in both power and efficiency, with advancements that make it flexible and space-saving for buildings up to 300 ft. tall.



Built around your designs and engineered to be quick, comfortable and efficient. momentum incorporates all of our best thinking and is ideal for high rise buildings.



Our freight elevators are made in all sizes, capacities and finishes to handle any heavy-duty configuration you have.

Signal Fixtures

Signal Fixtures

Our full line of signal fixtures is designed to enhance the appearance of your elevator installation.

Destination Dispatch

Destination Dispatch

Destination Dispatch is an advanced dispatching system that directs passengers to the elevator that will get them to their destination in the shortest travel time.



TWIN is a model example of technological efficiency and precision. Two elevator cabs travel independently – one above the other in the same shaft. TWIN saves space, reduces passenger travel time and saves energy.

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