thyssenkrupp Elevator believes that being committed to sustainability takes more than lip service. That is why we publish a biennial Corporate Sustainability Executive Summary.

Motion. movement. momentum. This is what we do at thyssenkrupp Elevator. Sustainability is about progress. It is about stepping up and laying a secure path for future generations to follow.

In this, our third sustainability report, Unlimited possibilities, which takes the form of an executive summary, we focus on the efforts of thyssenkrupp Elevator, the Americas Business Unit of thyssenkrupp Elevator AG. The Report highlights our recent accomplishments and underscores our commitment to engineer confidence into everything we do. Evidenced by the results we have seen in the past two years, sustainability is steadily rising to become part of our day-to-day thinking and activities.

As is often said, “sustainability is a journey” — at thyssenkrupp Elevator, our journey is headed in the right direction, “UP”. The more we accomplish, the more we see the unlimited possibilities for where we can go.

Our Impact

To make an impact can mean to alter or to influence. At thyssenkrupp Elevator we join all the thyssenkrupp companies to alter the way we do business so we can honor our commitment to reduce the use of resources, waste and inefficiencies. We alter our product design to be more sustainable. We influence our employees to do their jobs safely and to support the communities where they live. In this our fourth summary of sustainability, we share the actions we have taken to keep our promises — the pacts we have made to our environment and climate.

At thyssenkrupp Elevator, we want sustainability to be ingrained in everything we do and we take our role as a leader in corporate social responsibility very seriously. We aim to contribute to solutions that uphold the integrity of life support systems on Earth and consider the impacts of climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution and land and water degradation. We believe no system operates independently and we consider the interactions between human, environmental and engineering systems to create the most comprehensive product possible.