Industrial Solutions

At thyssenkrupp Elevator, we tackle the challenges beyond just moving people. We offer solutions that help you move heavy machinery, vehicles or just about anything else you can think of. We don’t shy away from large capacity or unique projects. We have installed elevators in steel mills, factories and even wind towers. Talk with our experts about your plans because we can move practically anything.

South Carolina

A vehicle assembly plant in South Carolina needed large, heavy-duty elevators to transport material trains of parts between a warehouse and the manufacturing floor. The need was urgent and the design was complex. To meet the demand, thyssenkrupp designed four momentum elevators, measuring a relatively standard 8' x 6" wide, but 56 feet long to accommodate the length of the trains. The elevators were also designed to respond to special signaling devices to ensure the train drivers were in the correct position before moving them between floors. The scheduling demands for the project were critical. In order to meet production milestones, all four elevators were installed in just 15 weeks, and two were operational within nine weeks of delivery.