Hospitality Solutions

At thyssenkrupp Elevator, we offer a full range of equipment to meet the needs of hospitality projects big and small. From a high-rise boutique hotel with all the amenities to a sports arena capable of handling tens of thousands of rowdy fans in a single day, we know how important durability and reliability are. We can design unique transportation systems for stadiums, shopping malls, opera houses and anywhere people go to enjoy their day. Business or pleasure, we can get your guests on their way quickly and efficiently.

The MGM International Las Vegas

Keeping equipment up to date is key to optimizing its performance and energy efficiency. In the case of the MGM International Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas (formerly the Mirage), the numbers speak for themselves. ThyssenKrupp completed a modernization on the hotel in 2011, which included 24 passenger elevators and 16 service elevators. There were 22 existing geared machines that were retained and updated with new AC motors, TAC50M controllers with regenerative drives, new door operations, hall fixtures and updated cab interiors. There were 18 new gearless AC machines installed as well. Perhaps the greatest achievement of the project is that during the modernization, we worked with the local power company to document the pre- and post-modernization energy consumption ratings to qualify for incentives programs that totaled $358,000.

And the winning numbers are:

  • The 22 modernized elevators resulted in an energy savings of up to $251,191 per year.
  • The 18 new gearless elevators resulted in an energy savings of up to $347,887.
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