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Whether you need to move a few people a few floors or thousands of people over a hundred floors, thyssenkrupp Elevator has the right solution for your building. No matter your priority, our elevators deliver reliability, shorter ride times and less congestion.

300 New Jersey Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C.

thyssenkrupp Elevator, Commercial solutions The historic status of this building meant extremely restricting guidelines for an expansion project. Renowned architect Richard Rogers came up with a plan to connect three separate structures into one with an open-air elevator shaft featuring glass walkways. ThyssenKrupp Elevators Americas designed, manufactured and installed the elevators for this project. Some design aspects include an exposed red elevator track and scenic car with a seamless glass wall and ceiling configuration. Read more about the project in the Washington Post.

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World Financial Center, New York, New York

thyssenkrupp Elevator, Commercial solutionsImproving energy conservation was the goal of the World Financial Center’s modernization project. A total of 96 elevators were updated as part of a $250 million renovation endeavor. thyssenkrupp Elevator modernizations achieve the largest potential for efficiency by reducing the energy used to operate the elevators. The project also marks the first large-scale modernization in the region to feature thyssenkrupp Elevator’s Destination Dispatch, which directs passengers to the elevator that will get them to their destination in the shortest travel time. This practice can reduce time to destination by up to 30% compared to standard elevator control. Our energy-saving feature and equipment, combined with our long-term service contract, support sustainability efforts and set new standards for eco-efficiency. In fact, One World Financial Center was recently certified LEED Gold.

One World Trade Center, New York, New York

thyssenkrupp Elevator, Commercial solutionsThe monumental One World Trade Center project has become one of the most significant structures to be conceived – and ThyssenKrupp is proud to be a part of it. In fact, the opportunity has allowed our engineers to design new technologies to accommodate unparalleled North American height and speed. Servicing the Observation Deck, high-rise express elevators will be the fastest in North America and will travel up to 2,000 feet per minute (approximately 23 miles per hour). It will take approximately one minute on an express elevator to ride from the bottom to the 102nd floor.

In total, there are 73 elevators and 11 escalators for the 104- story building, with a total height of 1,776 feet.

Obviously, safety is the top priority for the project. To that end, the elevators have the capacity to transport approximately 12% of the building’s occupants in a five-minute period. And the project includes a dedicated firefighters’ service car, equipped with side openings throughout the building to provide exclusive access to a dedicated firefighters’ stairwell.

For 58 of the passenger elevators, Destination Dispatch will direct passengers to the elevator that will get them to their destination with the shortest travel time and help ensure building security.

Grand Avenue Courtyard, El Segundo, California

The largest potential for elevator efficiency lies in reducing the energy used to operate it. That is why keeping your equipment up to date is vital to increasing energy efficiency. In El Segundo, California, thyssenkrupp Elevator conducted a Geared to Gearless modernization on the elevators in an office building, resulting in a 58.5% reduction in elevator electricity consumption per run. The five elevators servicing this 12-story building were 23 years old and had become inefficient. By providing a long-term solution through modernization, we helped our customer save operating costs, improve their elevators’ reliability and provide improved ride quality to their tenants.

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