GSA & OMNIA Partners, Public Sector


thyssenkrupp Elevator is proud to be a Federal Supply Services supplier. Through our technical training and the support of our engineers and field support experts, we are able to offer preventive maintenance programs for most makes and types of elevators and escalators.

OMNIA Partners, Public Sector:

thyssenkrupp Elevator is proud of our partnership with OMNIA Partners, Public Sector. OMNIA Partners participants can take advantage of the collective purchasing power of products and services. Additional discounts are also available with advance payments at the time of purchase.

OMNIA Partners, Public Sector is available for use by all public and private schools, community colleges and city, county and other government entities nationwide.

Participant benefits:

  • No annual fees
  • Annual, competitive contracts
  • No special order forms
  • Orders processed the same day they are received
  • Pay vendors directly

Elevator Maintenance

Our examination, lubrication and adjustment will cover the following components and equipment of your elevator system:

  • Examine the elevator equipment for optimum operation
  • Control and landing positioning systems
  • Signal fixtures
  • Machines, drives, motors, governors, sheaves, and ropes
  • Power units, pumps, valves, and jacks
  • Car and hoistway door operating devices and protection equipment
  • Loadweighers, car frames and platforms, and counterweights
  • Safety mechanisms
  • Lubricate equipment for smooth and efficient performance.
  • Adjust elevator parts and components to maximize the elevator's performance and safe operation.
  • Relamp all signals as required (during the regularly scheduled visits.)
  • Repair or replace components worn due to normal wear.
  • Refer to "Other Considerations" section for items not covered.

Escalator Maintenance

We will regularly and systematically examine, adjust and lubricate (as required), and in our sole opinion, if conditions warrant, repair or replace the following escalator components:

  • Escalator power unit
  • Controller parts
  • Electrical switches
  • Wiring
  • Bearing
  • Governors and brakes
  • Step and chain wheels
  • Chains and sprockets
  • Steps and step treads
  • Comb plates
  • Safety devices Handrails

We will maintain proper lubrication at all times, furnish special lubricants compounded to our specifications, clean internal truss structures required and maintain all accessory equipment except when otherwise specified.

Standard of Quality

To help increase elevator performance and decrease downtime, our technicians utilize the latest industry methods and technology specific to your brand of elevator.

Behind our maintenance technicians is a team devoted to elevator excellence. They are supported around the clock by engineers and field support experts located at our International Technical Services Center. Our two North American technical support facilities continuously research advances in the industry and in your equipment.

thyssenkrupp Elevator maintains a comprehensive parts inventory to support our field operations. Most replacement parts are available within 24 hours, seven days a week.

Response Time

We are focused on responding to service calls as quickly as possible. Ensuring the lowest amount of elevator downtime is our goal. As standard policy, we will visit your elevator on a regularly scheduled basis. These visits will be performed during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (except scheduled holidays). We will respond to callbacks during these hours at no extra charge. Callbacks are defined as minor adjustments or emergency entrapments. Callbacks outside of our normal business hours and any overtime work or testing that you request will be billed to you.

On callbacks outside of normal business hours, we will absorb the worked hours at straight time rates, and you will be charged for the overtime premium portion only, including travel time.

Ordering and Sales

For ordering and sales, contact thyssenkrupp.

GSA orders OMNIA Partners’ orders