Nothing is too technical for us

International Technical Services (ITS) offers the latest in diagnostic tools, troubleshooting support, PC board repair and technical training for servicing thyssenkrupp's and other manufacturers’ units.

Research & Development

ITS Research & Development closely monitors technological trends and innovations to arm our technicians with custom-made diagnostic tools to quicken repairs and limit downtime.

Our diagnostic tools are used to troubleshoot, maintain and adjust modern microprocessor-based controllers and sub-systems of our and - our competitors' elevators. And technicians can access these tools easily by using a laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Board Repair

At ITS, we repair thousands of PC boards and critical components that operate almost every manufacturer’s equipment, even types that are especially hard to find. Since 1999, hundreds of thousands of boards have been repaired or exchanged. That means you don’t spend days waiting for elevator parts — in most cases, customers get the next day which means less elevator downtime and happier tenants.

When evaluating PC boards, ITS' through testing include:

  • Hot mock-up – boards are connected to simulators
  • Embedded function test – complex diagnostic programs to exercise high-speed data bus performance and peripheral I/O circuitry
  • Signature analysis – best suited for passive and discrete component circuits where response comparisons can be made between functional and suspect parts

Training & Technical Publications

As manufacturers change and upgrade their elevator systems, it's imperative that technicians stay a step ahead. ITS provides unmatched training for more than 1,000 technicians every year, with a hands-on learning approach that takes place on one of our 45 in-house simulators. Service technicians also receive in-the-field training from our instructors on a regular basis.

Working in collaboration with ITS engineers, the Technical Publications department creates service manuals, CDs, bulletins and brochures. These materials allow field technicians to accurately pinpoint problems and determine a solution on even the most state-of-the-art equipment.

thyssennkrupp Elevator Communications

When something does go wrong, you want to know someone is there to help. And our call center answers elevator telephones 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our highly-trained staff currently handles over one million calls a year, is capable of translating up to 135 different languages, and strives to keep response time below ten seconds.


Averaging more than 25 years of experience, our field engineers are among the most skilled and knowledgeable in the industry. ITS acquires competitors' equipment so we are able to create diagnostic tools unlike any in the industry. Engineers use these tools to give 24-hour telephone assistance to our field technicians.


To schedule a tour of ITS, contact your local thyssenkrupp sales representative.