We know elevators.

Keeping your elevator, escalator or moving walk functioning at its peak requires regular maintenance and occasional repairs. Our flexible service offering increases your system’s uptime while ensuring you meet your legal and operator responsibilities as well as standards.

Our highly qualified service technicians have decades of experience along with access to a worldwide technology network for third-party systems, This enables us to deliver top-notch manufacturer-independent service for products from other companies.

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Service around the clock

With more than 100 U.S. branches and 24-hour availability, we provide rapid responses and unparalleled safety.

Partner with us for:

  • The highest equipment uptime, efficiency and safety
  • Expert service for both thyssenkrupp and third-party (OEM) equipment
  • Personal contact through our 24/7 call center
  • Rapid, professional service
  • Fast responses from using our Customer Portal online tool

Our focus is always on building a trusted partnership. Put us to the test.

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Watch the video about our elevator service - Always there to keep cities moving

Service solutions

Our service technicians take pride in keeping your equipment moving efficiently and safely while keeping you in the loop.

You can count on:

  • Our reliable emergency call system
  • Personal support from highly experienced ASME A17.1 / CSA B44-16-certified engineers and technicians
  • Parts replacement using only approved parts
  • Intelligent systems for permanent safety monitoring
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With five levels of service to choose from, you can match your needs with the services we provide.

Packages Platinum premier Platinum Gold Bronze
Preventative maintenance repair
Parts repair and replacement
Quality assurance
Annual safety testing
Service requests during normal hours
After hours emergency service

Included    Limited or conditional   Optional   Not included

Installation-specific requirements play a much greater role in effective maintenance and repairs for escalators and moving walks than for elevators. We offer individualized service concepts, fast and reliable replacement part delivery, cost transparency and budget security.

Should your needs exceed the scope of a regular maintenance plan, we’ll create a customized escalator service offering, whether for a shopping center’s system or an entire city’s public transport network.

Expert service for all makes

Our service technicians receive continuous training from industry experts at our escalator factory in Hamburg, Germany. Thanks to this comprehensive training programme, our technicians are among the best at servicing escalators of any make.

Tailor-made service solutions

Whether for shopping centres, exhibition halls, airports or railway stations, our made-to-measure service concepts ensure a consistently high standard of performance. You’re guaranteed the optimal solution for any type of building or system, and any number of escalators.

Besides elevators, escalators and moving walks, we offer services for many other products, such as passenger boarding bridges (jetways), lifting and loading platforms, stair lifts and hoists.

Spares and repairs

Prompt delivery of replacement parts

Through our global thyssenkrupp network, we provide cost-effective, reliable and energy-efficient solutions to prolong the life of your elevators and escalators.

With thyssenkrupp Elevator, you get:

  • Global solutions with local support
  • Higher availability thanks to prompt troubleshooting and repairs
  • Integrated diagnosis functionality for numerous controller brands
  • Electronic replacement parts catalog for all makes
  • Comprehensive data and information management
  • Environmentally friendly paperless workflow
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Quality and safety standards

As an operator, you need to address all preventable passenger hazards to avoid legal consequences.

At thyssenkrupp Elevator, we know how to identify and eliminate or mitigate these hazards. It’s our job to stay current with all product certification, safety component, retrofitting and other elevator construction and installation standards, including:

With thyssenkrupp Elevator, you get:

  • ASME A17.1 / CSA B44-16 (Elevators and escalators)
  • ASME A17.5 / CSA B44.1 (Elevator and escalator electrical equipment)
  • A117.1 Accessibility Code (US only)
  • ADA Standards for Accessible Design (US only)
  • ASME A17.7 / CSA B44.7 (Performance-based safety code for elevators and escalators)

Contact us for more information. We’ll be happy to advise you.

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ITS: A service like no other

Efficient. Advanced. Unique.

At thyssenkrupp Elevator, we deliver outstanding service, day after day, around the clock. Every one of our service technicians draws on the expertise and capabilities of our International Technical Services (ITS) network, which brings together the knowledge and experience of all our specialists worldwide.

From technical know-how to spare parts supply, ITS support is what makes our service globally unique. And not only for thyssenkrupp elevators. Our ITS service technicians are also experts in third-party systems from Otis, KONE, Schindler, Fujitec and Mitsubishi.

thyssenkrupp Elevator, service

We know elevators.

Our ITS specialists provide our service technicians with continuous training. This ensures that our technicians are familiar with all elevator systems, the latest technologies and the best solutions to swiftly resolve all types of technical issues.

We simplify things.

We offer full service for all major elevator manufacturers. You can count on us to provide top-class support for all kinds of elevator systems. We’re your one-stop service shop.

We’re always up to speed.

Thanks to the ITS network, thyssenkrupp technicians are constantly updating their knowledge of our competitors’ equipment and familiarizing themselves with the latest technical information.

We use cutting-edge diagnostic tools.

Diagnostic tools developed by ITS enable our technicians to resolve technical issues swiftly. Thanks to state-of-the-art software developed in-house, our technicians can easily interface with other manufacturers’ control systems.

We’re always ready for action.

Elevators are in motion 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which is why you need to be able to rely on a service team that’s on call around the clock. When required, ITS engineers will even come to you to solve the problem together with a local service technician.

We carry out rapid replacements.

ITS not only has a large stock of spare parts from all major elevator manufacturers, it also boasts a team of highly qualified repair technicians. From procuring rare original parts to delivering crucial replacement components overnight, we get your elevator up and running again in no time at all.

Visit our ITS facilities

We invite you to visit one of our unique ITS facilities to witness our exceptional service for third-party elevators first-hand. To find out more, contact your thyssenkrupp Elevator sales representative.

Innovations in service

Our goal is to dramatically increase efficiency, raise elevator uptimes and speed up service interventions to ensure mobility equipment is always running as it should. By harnessing the power of the Internet of Things with solutions like MAX and HoloLens, thyssenkrupp is stepping further into the digital era and transforming the way the elevator industry offers maintenance services.


Wouldn’t it be great to have fewer elevator breakdowns, quicker service visits, and know in advance about any significant expenditure on your elevators? thyssenkrupp’s MAX, the industry’s first real-time, cloud-based predictive maintenance solution, is making this a reality. With MAX as their digital-age partner, our service engineers will soon be able to preemptively address equipment issues, empowering them to serve you better.

Visit our MAX microsite to learn more.
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Blending 3D holographic content with the physical world, Microsoft’s mixed-reality HoloLens devices will soon enable our engineers to take service interventions to the next level. With HoloLens, they can visualize and identify problems with elevators ahead of a job, and have remote, hands-free access to expert advice when on site, resulting in significant savings in time and stress.

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