Hydraulic modernization

More than 30 performance-optimizing features consume less energy and with our H-Power modernization, there is no need to replace your entire hydraulic elevator system.

TAC controller

Our digital-controlled system has diagnostic capabilities for easier troubleshooting.

Non-proprietary user-interface tools

Unrestricted access for on-board adjusting and troubleshooting keeps trouble calls short.

Battery lowering unit

This device prevents entrapments and provides supplemental power to the controller in case of an outage. It also eliminates the need for a costly power generator.

Elevator positioning encoder

Tefloncoated, perforated tape that runs the length of the hoistway, digitally communicates the elevator’s location. This provides a safe and level landing for passengers when boarding and exiting.

Door operator

Typically, the door operator causes the most trouble calls. Ours has an on-board diagnostic service tool resulting in consistent operation and fewer shutdowns and service callbacks. A linear door operator is also available on certain models.

Fusion fixtures

Our stainless steel fixture line includes car operating panels, hall fixtures and car riding lanterns that improve elevator appearance and functionality. Fixtures are also easy to install, do not damage the walls and are in full compliance with U.S. and Canadian fire service codes.

Wiring package

Our cable and hoistway wiring system utilizes advanced CAN-BUS technology, which communicates with multiple devices through one wire. This provides safer, more efficient operations and maintenance. It also speeds installation and troubleshooting, as well as uses less wiring materials and other resources.

Power unit

This key component reduces noise and vibration during operation-allowing for a quiet and smooth ride. The compact design uses less materials to construct and takes up less space. Furthermore, precise operation of the unit increases leveling accuracy and improves passenger safety.


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