Geared elevator modernization

This solution saves you time, energy and costs. We replace your Direct current (DC) hoist motor to AC while cleaning and reusing your existing machine, including gears, sheaves and bedplates. By simply modernizing the critical components, we’ll improve the reliability and performance of your existing geared traction elevator.

TAC series controller

  • Advanced technology, including digital controls, increases reliability
  • Adjusts elevator dispatching to respond to building’s traffic patterns
  • Improved floor-to-floor wait times
  • Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF) AC drive (max. 60hp)
  • Regenerative drive reclaims energy while braking and feeds back into the power grid (optional)
  • Absolute Positioning System (APS) has Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL3) certificate
  • Non-proprietary user interface tool
  • Tenant security has card reader interface
  • Voltage matching transformer when required
  • Plug-and-play wiring
  • Flat traveling cable with extra coaxial cables
  • Rescue operation

In the hoistway

  • Closed-loop door operator upgrade kit retains existing operator mechanical components
  • A new electronic edge door re-opening device
  • Door restrictor device to ensure doors stay closed from inside the elevator
  • Car top exit switch
  • New compensation kit as required
  • Ride-enhancing hitch plate


  • New code-compliant car operating panels
  • Car traveling lanterns with electronic chimes
  • New surface-mount hall stations with signage
  • Fire service fixtures at main egress level
  • Optional phone monitoring (where required)
  • Hoistway access switch (top and bottom)

Machine updates

  • Remove existing drive system and geared machine and install new AC gearless machine with modular deflector sheave, isolated bedplate and integrated velocity encoder
  • Dual brake integrated with machine for unintended movement protection


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