Individual Components


Hydraulic Products

  • Replacement Jacks – Jacks turned and polished to your exact specifications
  • Spring Buffers – Recommended component if speed or capacity of your existing elevators have increased. These buffers are designed to meet specific requirements for 200 feet per minute and below
  • Solid State Starters – Applies a smooth and steady current to the motor, eliminating wear and tear caused by mechanical contacts
  • Battery Lowering Kits – Provides backup power in the event of a building power loss
  • Power Units – Improve performance with one of three types of power units:
    1. Submersible – for saving space and reducing noise and vibration
    2. Dry – for larger capacity and greater lift power at higher speeds
    3. Valve – for improved leveling and greater durability

Traction Products

  • 10K Drive™ System – Regenerative drive that maximizes energy efficiency while protecting sensitive electronic equipment through low harmonic distortion.
  • TAC50M Digital Controller – Advanced and flexible control system that improves performance and efficiency of traction elevator operation.
  • Cross Assignment Panel – During the modernization process, intercommunication between both new and existing elevator control systems is desirable, so both systems do not respond to the same hall calls. A Cross Assignment Panel is the solution to different control systems interfacing during modernization.
  • Load Weigher Kit – Informs the controller of the precise weight of the elevator. This information is used to determine what percentage of the car's capacity is in use or available. Once the car reaches a specified percentage of the capacity load, the car will eliminate unnecessary stops by bypassing additional hall calls.
  • Replacement Governor – Activates in an overspeed situation by cutting power to the drive end and, if necessary, initiates the safeties.
  • Roller Guides – Provide consistent, unified pressure and are designed to absorb vibration and excessive movement due to varied alignment issues on both car and counterweight rails.

Universal Products

  • Car Top Rail Kit – meets ASME A17.1-2000 code requirements. Our kit is available in two sizes, easily adapting to most car configurations with expansion kits available for larger cars.
  • Door Restrictor Clutch Kit – Keeps passengers safe by locking doors when the elevator car is outside the unlocking zone (18" above and below the landing). This device prevents passengers from attempting to escape from a car that has stopped between landings.
  • HD-LM Door Operator – Built-in versatility of this multi-voltage door operator, along with discrete and serial interfaces, makes it ideal for all door conversions.
  • Firefighter’s Service – Returns elevators to designated landings, prevents normal operation and allows only special operation by firefighters or other authorized emergency personnel.

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