Escalator modernization

Modernize your escalators and improve the safety of your equipment and reduce energy use by up to 58 percent. Plus, with ES-Power, we replace everything but the existing truss and cladding.

Safety improvements

  • Handrail speed monitoring
  • Comb plate tension device switches (horizontal and vertical activation)
  • Handrail inlet safety device reduces entrapment
  • Proven and reliable brake design
  • Auxiliary main drive shaft brake
  • Step and step-chain supervision
  • Step up-thrust protection
  • Skirt panel design per skirt indexing and loaded step/skirt requirements
  • Safety skirt brushes reduce side-of-step entrapments

Energy-saving improvements

  • Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF) technology adjusts the energy consumption based on the passenger load
  • VVVF drive acts as a soft starter device
  • Up to 58 percent energy savings as compared to the industry’s conventional escalator controls
  • Radar control system detects oncoming passengers and increases speed from low speed/sleep mode to rated speed
  • Prolonged component lifespan due to reduced operating speed during sleep mode

Appearance enhancements

  • Custom-tailored to suit each existing installation
  • Modern finishes, such as stainless steel, tinted or opaque glass and colored handrails
  • LED Lighting
  • Audio messaging systems
  • Remote monitoring

Minimal disruption for tenants

  • No need for costly building structural alterations
  • Minimal disruption to passenger flow pattern
  • Minimal to no additional subcontractor work is required
  • Existing architectural finishes (cladding) are retained
  • Unique installation process ensures high-precision end product


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