Every day, high-rise buildings are breaking the barrier on what is possible in construction and design. To match this level of innovation, you need an elevator system that is as fast at adapting to your vision as it is at moving people. thyssenkrupp momentum elevator proves there are no limits. It combines our most advanced technology with the creativity of our most experienced engineers. The result is an elevator that moves with precision and speed while remaining remarkably energy efficient and reliable.

thyssenkrupp Elevator, momentum


  • Fit:Machine room
  • Max travel:300'-0"
  • Speed:350, 500 fpm
  • Capacity:2100-5000 lbs
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thyssenkrupp Elevator, momentum


  • Fit:Machine room
  • Max travel:825'-0"
  • Speed:700, 1000, 1200 fpm
  • Capacity:2500-4000 lbs
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This solution is featured in:

One World Trade Center

New York, NY

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